С днем рождения моя киска <3

Go to the right…

How is it going?

You might think life has not been so kind.

Maybe sometimes a little frustrated.

Things might not go right the way you wish.

And the other days go fine.

You feel good, you feel bright.

All what happens and all what comes,

Believe me nothing is more beautiful than existence.

The fact that you are there to experience it, to touch it.

Birthday is the celebration of this existence. And today is yours baby :)

go right –>

So I am happy about it

There are many reasons to make me happy about your birthday, because you are:…



Always when there is something wrong in my life, you are there for me. You make me calm.


I like your mind. The way you think. The way you see. The depth of your view.


I see the universe in your eyes. They are the brightest and most precious emeralds existed ever.

Your smile, your form, your lips, all are nothing than perfect.


I would die to not mention how smart you are :D in all aspects you would expect.

My Love

And you are my love :)

I am happy that you were born, to give me the chance to meet you, have all the adventure, passion, feelings, and to love you.

We are all happy ^_^

And it’s not just me who is happy for your existence…

Get down.

So Happy Birthday To You

Your first Gift

As you expected and also asked :)) here comes your first gift.

Your Website!


it contains:

1. The Blog

I cannot wait for you to start writing down your beautiful mind and let everyone enjoy and get influenced by your wisdom.

2. The rest

Well the rest to introduce you to the world.

3. Design

I wanted to design it already, but I decided that it’s the best with your own taste :) So we will shape it together :*

Love you!